About me

There’s only one author of this blog..and I prefer to let my thoughts rest on their own merits. Though, one thing I do want to make perfectly clear is that this site isn’t monetized. I have no adds, or sponsorship. So I don’t make one cent from it. This is not how I make my income. Furthermore, I have zero financial connections with any food (meat or plant) suppliers, producers or associations. I’ve actually turned down opportunities to write for such organizations to maintain my independence. I don’t even get discounts for any purchases I make. Thus all thoughts are my own.

Soil science is one of my many passions. I was going to originally be an applied chemist but ultimately took a very different career path …that path had more to do with working with and for institutional food companies including one I helped to build. Nutrition is all about biochemistry, so that’s another subject area I’m passionate about as well as obviously atmospheric chemistry. More broadly, the only time my education was interrupted was the time I spent at an Ivy League University….where people were taught what to think rather than how to think.

Anyhow, I primarily write because I’m hypergraphic. If you’re unfamiliar with hypergraphia, some neurologists think it’s a temporal lobe form of epilepsy that makes people compelled to write. So when something irks or triggers me, I tend to respond at length in a completely stream of conscience fashion. Words, that pile up in my head, just pour out all at once. After finding some studies on epilepsy and ketogenic diets, because of my hypergraphia, I radically switched my dietary pattern from a plant-based to ketogenic one. That switch helped quite a lot. And yes, at one time, I was also a very preachy vegan. Though due to various SNP mutations, I was never well suited for a plant based dietary pattern.

Some of my blog posts also started out as emails to people I routinely correspond with including Gabe Brown, Dr. Allen Williams, Dr. Jason Rowntree, Dr. Christine Jones, Dr. David Johnson, Timothy LaSalle, Fred Provenza, Finian Makepeace, Richard Young, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Rick Teague, Paul Hawken, Marion Nestle, Josh Tickell, Dr. David Montgomery, Dan Barber, Dr. Frank Mitloehner etc. Gabe is a good friend as are all these other people. I consider Christine to be one of my many mentors on soil science along with David, Nicole Masters, John Kempf, and Dr. Kristine Nichols. Mark Hyman had me proof read and edit for content his 13th NY Times best seller. Mark also connected me to Rep. Tim Ryan, who I advised on his brief campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination. I helped line up talent for Josh’s Kiss the Ground sequel. For free, I set up all of Nicolette’s social media accounts and built those followers. Diane six years ago use to send me some of her articles to proof read for content as well. I ghost rewrote one of her more popular articles. I got no attribution. I really didn’t care because none of what I’m arguing for is about me.

And that’s the thing, I’m not trying to build my own personal brand. I prefer being in the background influencing influencers rather than aspiring to be one myself. The people who are important to me, all know who I am am. Most of the time, my blogs get little to no attention. Though, ones pointing out what an arrogant twit George Monbiot is seem to be very popular in the UK. But unlike him, I’m not motivated by my ego. Whatever thoughts I have to share are more important than who I am. Personally I find all the egotism and narcissism on social media very demoralizing and depressing. Too much self aggrandizement, which I find very gross.

Anyway, so that’s “about me”…..whoever I am. LOL.