RE: Proposed legislation for vegan options at public venues in Los Angeles

Dear Council Member Koretz, After reading your recently published Grub Street interview as well as your motion, I decided to write this follow-up letter. To begin with, I’m not in anyway aligned with the “meat industry” or right wing radio. Your dismissing objections … Continue reading RE: Proposed legislation for vegan options at public venues in Los Angeles

Lies, damn lies, and [tweeted] statistics

Like a lot of writers, George Monbiot really likes out of context stats. Numbers seem authoritative and incontrovertible. Though more often than not, writers who cite such numbers have little understanding of how such statistics are or were derived. Not sure where George got his latest figure regarding sheep consumption only accounting for 1.2% of the diet (I assume in the UK), as noted in this recent BBC article. He seems to cherry pick a lot of his numbers from Oxford studies and reports. Regardless, here just below is a breakdown of the primary sources of proteins in the UK … Continue reading Lies, damn lies, and [tweeted] statistics

A Measure of Make Believe?

Ranchers, who raise their animals outdoors on pasture, often find themselves attacked from two very different sides of what sometimes seems like a binary debate. (It isn’t). On one side, there’s an industry that wants to maintain an industrial system of production. This system of production has a lot of vested interests (meat packers, pharmaceutical companies, agro-chemical /seed companies) who want to maintain the status quo. On the complete opposite side is a very small, but vociferous, abolitionist vegan community that will use any rational or irrational argument to further their fundamentalist foodie jihad. When arguing against pastured based systems, … Continue reading A Measure of Make Believe?