Regenerative Ag, a suggested reading list

Okay, my last blog was a review of a very underwhelming book with a lot of agenda driven misinformation based on a lot of poorly derived statistics. So just wanted to provide the below suggested reading list. If you’re truly interested in ways to produce food that don’t destroy the planet, read these books instead.

Charles Massy’s Call of the Reed Warbler

David Montgomery’s  

Liz Carlisle’s  Healing Grounds

Philip A. Loring’s Finding Our Niche: Toward A Restorative Human Ecology

Paul Hawken’s Regeneration: Solving the climate crisis in one generation

Gero Leson’s  Honor Thy Label

Nicole Master’s For the Love of Soil

Nigel Palmer’s The Regenerative Grower’s Guide to Garden Amendments

Gabe Brown’s Dirt to Soil (see review)

Fred Provenza’s Nourishment

Matt Powers’s Regenerative Soil: The Science and the Solutions

Jim Howell’s For the Love of the Land

John Kempf’s  Quality Agriculture (see review)

Nicolette Hahn Niman’s Defending Beef 

Robb Wolf & Diana Roger’s Sacred Cow

Judith Schwartz’s Cows Save the Planet 

Josh Tickell’s Kiss the Ground (see review)

Dale Strickler’s

Dr. Mark Hyman’s Food Fix


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