LA Chefs’ Plates – Wild Mushroom Tortelloni by Chef Bruce Kalman

(Originally published January 22, 2013 on

According to Kalman, “Fresh pasta, to me, is as handcrafted as food can get. It is my true passion in cooking, because of its simplistic nature and it’s tenacious character. The possibilities of combinations of flavors, fillings, etc. is endless.”

Inspiration – comes from a trip to Florence, eating a local Osteria, “Aquacotta”, and Chef Bruce Kalmanhad a wild mushroom ravioli that was incredibly simple and flavorful. He made this dish, overall, to pack a punch of flavor, yet still keeping it light

Prep, Cooking and Plating – a lot of handy work goes into this dish – the wild mushroom filling is made with wood roasted wild mushrooms, smoked (house made) ricotta cheese, and fresh herb, encased in a porcini pasta dough. Served with a parmesan broth made simply by steeping parmigiano-reggiano cheese rinds in vegetable stock for a couple of hours, and crispy breaded balls of smoked ricotta cheese. Roasted chestnuts and maitake mushrooms, and fresh herbs from the market garnish the dish

Menu – this is a dish that has morphed from a pasta dish Chef Kalman made for New Year’s Eve during his time at The Churchill

To learn more about Chef Bruce Kalman, please follow him on twitter @chefbkalman

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