LA Chefs’ Plates Squid Ink Garganelli by Chef Bruce Kalman

(Originally published January 23, 2013 on

“Fresh pasta, to me, is as handcrafted as food can get. It is my true passion in cooking, because of its simplistic nature and it’s tenacious character. The possibilities of combinations of flavors, fillings, etc. is endless.”

Squid Ink Garganelli:

Inspiration – comes from a day I spent hiking in The Cinque Terre, we ended up in Monterosso (one of the 5 villages), and had a dish, similar to this with the fresh garganelli and locally caught seafood, I will never forget that!

Sourcing – the lobster for this dish is sourced directly from Maine, the fennel from Carpenter Farms, leeks from Thao Farms

Prep, Cooking and Plating – garganelli is a tedious task, but rewarding when you see and taste the end result. It is made by rolling out thin sheets of pasta dough, then cutting them into squares 3”x3” and rolling the squares around a small dowel corner to corner, then pressing and rolling the dowel on a ridged wooden board. The lobster were lightly blanched to extract the meat, then the meat is sautéed in brown butter with a confit of leeks, green garlic, fennel and tarragon, a splash of white wine, heavy cream and sherry vinegar along with a rich lobster broth create the sauce. After tossing in the cooked garganelli and plating, it is garnished with herbed bread crumbs and preserved lemon

To learn more about Chef Bruce Kalman , please follow him on twitter @chefbkalman

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