LA Chefs’ Plates Roasted Stonefruit by Chef Bruce Kalman

(Originally published July 30, 2014 on

The “Roasted Stonefruit with House Made Ricotta, Orange Blossom Honey and Rosemary” has recently been on the menu at Union Pasadena. Chef Bruce Kalman has had this item on his menu over the past couple months since May while peaches and apricots have been in season and available at farmer’s markets here in Southern California.

Bruce’s wife loves eating peaches and ricotta, so the dish started there for inspiration, and then evolved with savory elements including the caramelization of the fruit

Bruce typically gets his apricots from See Canyon Fruit Ranch, and peaches from either Regier Family Farm or Fitzgerald Farm. Though he also typically walks the market and taste everyone’s fruit before deciding who to buy from, so where he’s gotten his stone fruit for this dish has varied from week to week.

The ricotta cheese is house made, which is a labor of love, and something that Bruce believes takes the dish to another level. Bruce also noted his team sources organic milk and buttermilk with a higher fat content to make the ricotta cheese really creamy.

The plating of this dish was inspired by the simplicity of the few ingredients in the dish, that is Bruce wanted to keep the plating very simple to showcase the ingredients in their truest form: A spread of ricotta on a wooden 2×4, topped with wedges of roasted peaches

This dish epitomizes Union’s food philosophy, a few locally sourced ingredients on the plate, skillfully prepared to highlight those ingredients. All of the supporting elements are there to elevate the flavor of the main ingredients

To try this seasonal dish or others on Union Pasadena‘s seasonal and market driven menu, please make reservations via Open Table directly or through Union Pasadena’s website. Union Pasadena is open for dinner seven days a week, and is located at 37 E. Union Street. Please also follow Union Pasadena on twitter and on facebook to get their latest updates.

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