LA Chef’s plates: cavatelli with black summer truffle by Chef Paderno at LAFW

(Originally published August 22, 2014 on

Editorial note- Chef Mirko Paderno has left the Avalon Hotel and will be the chef at a new project [Officine BRERA] in DTLA opening soon.

Thursday night on a closed off Grand Avenue in front of the Disney Concert Hall, the 4th Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2014 presented as its opening night event “Ultimates Bites of L.A.” These event featured bites from many of L.A.’s top chefs as well as bites from several of the other celebrity chefs participating int he activities over the next few days.

One of the chefs participating from Los Angeles was Chef Mirko Paderno from Oliverio Restaurant at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. For Thursday’s activities, Chef Paderno served a cavatelli with black summer truffle. This is a very traditional dish from the Abruzzi region of Central Southern Italy. The cavatelli is made fresh every day with buffalo ricotta and flour in Paderno’s kitchen. The sauce is made with thirty-six month aged parmigiano from Italy and sausage made in house.

The black truffles are sourced from Truffle Brothers. Truffle Brothers provide everything from truffle oil, truffle pâté, truffle sauce or pretty much anything you can imagine with truffles. If it has truffles, according to Paderno, “They can get for you.” The truffles themselves are from Italy. The key to prep for this dish is good ingredients, and Chef Paderno therefore emphasized, “We buy good products, good quality ingredients.”

Since it is also summer in Italy, Chef Paderno at Oliverio every night has a few specials with truffles. So this cavatelli is one of many different dishes that Chef Paderno currently serves with summer black truffles in his restaurant.

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