LA Chef’s Knife – Chef James Trees’ Korin Nenox gyuto

(Originally published February 9, 2014 on

A chef’s knife is a chef’s most important tool. So it’s no wonder that chefs spend a lot of time, and thought when deciding upon what type of knife to use in their kitchens.

The type of chef knife that Chef James Trees uses as his primary chef knife is a right handed Japanese Korin Nenox gyuto with a Western style natural snake wood handle and a 8.2″ (210mm) single bevel mono-chromium hybrid stainless blade made by Nenox

James noted he selected his current knife based on it being “functional, easy to sharpen, holds an edge extremely well and is a beautiful tool.” James also said his knife is amazingly balanced, and on the light side. He said as soon as he held it he knew he had to have it. James uses his knife on a pressed bamboo cutting board. No one else sharpens James knife but him. He uses a 600/1000 base stone followed by 3000/6000 finishing stone by King. James added,” If you can’t shave with your knife when it comes off the 3000 side you don’t polish it.”

James has owned his current knife since April, 2003. His prior knife was a Western Style Ito Sei Santouko. A knife that caught his eye that he almost bought was a handmade one of a kind made knife by the knife master at Korin with an amethyst handle. He’s keeping an eye on it.

In addition to his Nenox gyuto, Chef James Trees also uses a bunch of other styles of Korin knives for other tasks including ones from the Itosei, Glestain, Suisin, Nenox, and Togeharu lines of Korin knives.

“A kitchen without a knife is not a kitchen.” – Masaharu Morimoto


One thought on “LA Chef’s Knife – Chef James Trees’ Korin Nenox gyuto

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