LA Chef Vartan Abgaryan’s pheasant

(Originally published February 9, 2014 on

Chef Abfaryan is no longer the chef at Cliff’s Edge

Currently on LA Chef Vartan Abgaryan‘s menu at Cliff’s Edge for a few more weeks is a pheasant dish listed as “Pheasant, Zaatar curate breast, pastille, king oyster mushrooms, hazelnuts, cranberry Dijon and pheasant jus.”

This item is inspired by the chef’s desire to put together a dish that is completely thought out with almost every aspect of the components being used. The primary component, the pheasant is sourced from Lone Pine.

The pheasant’s breast is crusted in Za’atar and pan roasted. While the leg is first braised in a stock made from the pheasant’s bones, then shredded and blended with spices including cinnamon, and coriander as well as currants and cranberries. This mix is than wrapped in feuille de brick and pan roasted so it’s crispy. The mushroom are roasted in an pan with butter and hazelnuts

The cranberry Dijon is made in house in the style of violet mustard. Vartan makes a cranberry must and combines this with Dijon then seasons with salt. The pheasant jus is the reduced liquid used to braise the legs, which is, as previously just noted, the bone stock. The dish is finished with fresh shaving of raw king mushrooms and lemon scented olive oil and plated on a color of handmade ceramic ware that compliments the colors of the food components.

This dish, like others on Cliff’s Edge menu, demonstrates how Chef Vartan and his team are continually refining their food as well as trying to be as seasonal as possible

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