LA Chef Eric Greenspan’s first job

(Originally published December 30, 2014 on

Name::Eric Greenspan
Current position: Chef/Partner Foundation Hospitality Group

What was your VERY first restaurant industry job?
EG: Breakfast cook at caffe med in Berkeley

How did you get this job?
EG: Was a dishwasher and bored while the kitchen was getting hammered. Asked the owner for a job in the kitchen.
When asked my experience I pushed 1 minute start on the microwave. Guess he had a sense of humor

How old were you?
EG: 19

What did you do?
EG: Flipped eggs

How long did you have this job?
EG: 3 years

Did your responsibilities evolve?
EG: Eventually ran the place

What did you take away from this job?
EG: Speed, passion for the industry, attention to detail

If and how did your first job inspire you to pursue a career as a chef?
EG: Once you catch the bug you can’t shake it.

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