LA Chef Bruce Kalman’s first job

(Originally published December 30, 2014 on

Name: Bruce Kalman
Current position: Chef/owner Union Restaurant

What was your VERY first restaurant industry job?
BK: First job was at Savino’s Pizza in Paramus, NJ,

How did you get this job?
BK: I got the job because my dad’s friend was the owner.

How old were you?
BK: I was 13 years old.

What did you do?
BK: I started out working in the back kitchen making all of the hot foods, sandwiches, salads and prep,

How long did you have this job?
BK: I worked there for 2 years, and filled in some shifts on and off afterwards.

Did your responsibilities evolve?
BK: After a year I moved up to the front and started learning to make pizzas.

What did you take away from this job?
BK: I loved the energy, camaraderie and rhythm of the kitchen, really enjoyed having food in my hands and creating all of the different dishes, as well as the challenge of keeping up with the volume. The food of my youth still impacts my food to this day

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