LA Chef Bruce Kalman’s oxtail agnolotti at Union Pasadena

(Originally published February 9, 2015 on
At the end of this past month Chef Bruce Kalman introduced his dish “Sunfed Farms Grassfed Oxtail Agnolotti, black currants, roasted shallots, rocket, fresh horseradish”” on his menu at Union Pasadena, one of Los Angeles Magazine’s 2014 Best New Restaurants and also featured on Bravo’s TV’s new show Best New Restaurant.

Chef Kalman admits that his inspiration for this dish was the ingredient itself. He stated, ” Honestly, the grass fed oxtails were presented to me as an option, and the agnolotti was the first thing that came to mind. The rest of the ingredients create a well balanced dish in flavor, texture and richness.” The braised oxtails were sourced from a ranch in Northern California, and the other key components are sourced from local farms.Chef Kalman kept the plating simple.

For Kalman, “Balance is very important in creating a memorable dish. The agnolotti are quite rich, so adding currants (tart), roasted shallots (sweet), rocket (crisp and fresh), fresh horseradish (vibrant spice), strikes a delicious balance, working with locally sourced ingredients.”

To try this seasonal dish or others on Union Pasadena‘s seasonal and market driven menu, please make reservations via Open Table directly or through Union Pasadena’s website. Union Pasadena is open for dinner seven days a week, and is located in Pasadena at 37 E. Union Street. Please also follow Union Pasadena on twitter and on facebook to get their latest updates.

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